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West Mountain management has many years experience in:

  •  business management
  •  raising capital
  •  investor relations
  •  real estate management
  •  trade financing for import/export
  •  currency exchange
  •  limited partnership structure
  •  securities filing and reporting
  •  renewable energy development
  •  project management

West Mountain Finance (WMF) not only provides the expertise needed to raise capital in today's market, but we show you how to structure it prudently so your investors are satisfied and willing to work with you again in the future.  This will make it so you do not need to rely on expensive sources of funds to complete your projects.  Part of our philosophy is to provide safety and value for investors without the principles having to give up control of their own development or venture.

We can meet the needs of company start-ups to large reverse take-overs for public companies who are looking to bring the ownership into the control of a select group.  Our main focus has been consulting to medium sized companies looking toward expansion and growth.  Most importantly we work with you to learn about your business and show you how to create your own pool of capital, (we refer to this as your Capital Network) which you can draw from again and again.

WMF is made up of a small group of partners who pool their individual expertise together to create a structured solution that will work the best for your company's particular situation.  We can communicate with your partners worldwide in Spanish, Portuguese, French and of course English.  We can also call upon our network of professionals around the world to provide advice or services that we may not have available. 

We have assisted in the placement and structuring of millions of dollars worth of investment projects in Canada, US and Central America.  We are able to share our experiences so you can more effectively navigate your development or venture to completion the way you envisioned it.

To discuss how we might help you, please contact us directly.

West Mountain is your long term growth partner; working to meet your current project objectives while positioning you for your future needs.

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